A New Perspective of Boston City Hall: The Design, History, and Future of America's Tallest Mural

A New Perspective of Boston City Hall: The Design, History, and Future of America’s Tallest Mural

Be mesmerized by the tallest mural in the U.S. and prepare for a new perspective of Boston City Hall: The Design, History, and Future of America’s Tallest Mural

Designated by President Kennedy in October 1961, Boston City Hall is where international diplomats have conducted negotiations, battled demonstrations have erupted, and officials have gone about the business of running one of America’s most historic cities.

With unique access to one of the most iconic buildings in New England, this book chronicles the history behind Boston City Hall before getting into what it could be in 2020.

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The Design & History Behind Boston City Hall

Boston City Hall was built in 1881 by architect Charles F. McKim. Boston City Hall has undergone many renovations and expansions since its construction to meet the needs of the people of Boston.

The design of Boston City Hall is recognizable for many reasons. The building features a white marble exterior with a series of statues overlooking the busy streets below, and an iconic gold dome rising to symbolize power and prosperity in Massachusetts’s capital city.

Boston City Hall was designed by Charles F. McKim, who also designed other famous buildings such as Washington D.C.’s Jefferson Memorial, Yale University’s Sterling Library, and Philadelphia’s Free Library.

The Architecture of Boston City Hall

Boston City Hall is the heart of Boston. The building is not just a symbol of the city; it’s majestic, elegant, and historic.

Boston City Hall was designed by architect Charles Follen McKim in 1881. The architectural style is Neoclassical and it has got a lot of similarities with Ancient Greek temples. The building has 17 floors, making it one of the tallest buildings in Boston.

The exterior of the building is made up of granite and marble, while the interior contains many artworks that are created by notable artists such as John Singer Sargent and Edwin Austin Abbey among others.

The Future of the Tallest Mural in America

The mural is a symbol of the cultural identity of the city of San Jose, California. The mural has been created by artist John Valadez and his team of more than 100 volunteers. It depicts a bird’s eye view of San José as seen from a helicopter.

The mural covers an entire side of a building in downtown San José and is more than 2,000 square feet.

It took about 7 years to be completed and with one glance you can see that this project required hard work, dedication, and patience.

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